Bear’s Naturally Clean Dry Cleaners

Since installing PieceCounter by WesVic in January 2014 we have seen in increase in production of over 10%.  One of the most valuable features is the instant feedback that my employees get by seeing their performance on the screen.  It is the most efficient way for me to manage labor to an optimal performance level.

John Bear, Owner, Bear’s Naturally Clean Dry Cleaners, Gillette, WY – 4 units

Crazy Cleanerz

I installed 3 PieceCounters at my pant station to see what the PieceCounters could do for me.  My pant department was always the last to go home, now they are the first.

Shaine Burns, Crazy Cleanerz, Memphis, TN – 12 units

Drive Cleaning

I used to think I had my production under control.  The PieceCounter takes that control to a whole other level I never knew was possible.

Mike Bleier, Owner, Drive Cleaning, Chicago, IL – 7 units

Break Exception Report

The Break Exception report identifies when employees take a break longer than 10 minutes (or any amount of time you specify).

Break Exception Report

Redo Report

When using barcode readers to count the pieces, the Redo Report shows the number of redos for each employee by department and job.

Redo Report

Activity Production Report

The Activity-Production Report provides a summary of both work (jobs, pieces, hours, PPH, goals, and efficiency) for an employee as well as end reasons (why the employee stopped working) and gap time (the time between ending a work session and starting another or clocking out).

Activity Production Report

Continental Cleaners

Wesvic’s PieceCounters have given me an invaluable tool in managing my production department. My employees now know exactly what is expected of them and how efficient they are working, minute by minute. It has allowed me to reward my hardest workers and replace the “slackers.” Since I have already saved money in labor, I will save money on my workers compensation premium, payroll taxes and utilities. Hiring a new employee will be so simple when it comes to training because the monitor will tell them exactly how they are performing. I will be able to set goals for them as they gain experience and reward them along the way. I love my PieceCounters and so does my staff!

Sara Van Wagner CPD, Owner, Continental Cleaners, San Marcos, CA – 3 units

Fairlane Cleaners

My PieceCounters really are a complete production management tool. I am so impressed with all of its capabilities. It now has everyone in the production department accountable to themselves, instead of having myself or my managers constantly trying to track their performance. The PieceCounter System lets them and me know EXACTY how they are performing every minute they are at their press. No more slowing down to fill the day. My payroll dropped $1100 in the first two weeks! Amazing! In addition, the reports have given me access to production information that I never thought I could get. I now know exactly how much a good presser can save me and how much extra a slow presser can cost. We would recommend your system to everyone.

Robert La Fave, Owner, Fairlane Cleaners, Chula Vista, CA – 4 units

Weil Cleaners

The PieceCounters are a big part of what has helped us survive this recession.

Donnie Weil, Owner, Weil Cleaners, Monroe, LA – 15 units