Moose Cleaners

The PieceCounter has been a valuable tool that was added to our operation back in August 2011. Now there is no more guesswork or bickering among the pressers. You know IMMEDIATELY who is doing their fair share and who is not. I highly recommend PieceCounter to anyone interested in getting a more accurate picture of their production and increased efficiency.

Joe Veiga, Owner, Moose Cleaners, North Little Rock, AR – 12 units

Westport Linen

Westport Linen Services was committed to buying a production monitoring and piece counting system. We did adequate research and found WESVIC to be the best value on the market. The real time piece counts and easy to use monitors have allowed us to realize significant gains in production. The system allows employees to see a real time percentage to standards, creating a competitive environment and in turn increasing productivity. We feel the investment was a drop in the bucket compared to what we are gaining on the production floor. Great software and hardware coupled with ease of use makes this product a home run!

Josh Landry, Owner, Westport Linen, Baton Rouge, LA – 17 units

Jim’s Formal Wear

The PieceCounters have changed the way we manage productivity at Jim’s Formal Wear. The tool provides real time feedback, it allows supervisors and team members to analyze performance and give direct feedback on a daily basis. The software saves a lot of time in getting results from the previous day’s work and developing a plan for the next day. The tool allows you to recover the “slivers of waste”, increase daily output and essentially save time and money.

Chris Haselhorst, Production Manager, Jim’s Formal Wear, Nation Wide – 204 units

Valet Today

Once we started using the Wesvic Piece Counter, we found that we needed 25% less pressers and the standing around after the staff clocked in went away. It was like magic. Wesvic says the payback would be immediate…..ours was faster than that. I highly recommend the Wesvic Piece Counter to every dry cleaner that cares about their labor costs. With the PieceCounter, labor is now the easiest variable for our industry to control.

Jason Frank, Owner, Valet Today, Billings, MT – 4 units

Albano Cleaners

Besides increasing production it has also helped with quality because of the time control. It’s really making a difference in our operation.

Tony Vadala, Vice President of Operations, Albano Cleaners, Norfolk, VA – 10 units

I love the self-motivation that is occurring now not to mention the awesome reports.

Jamie Albano, Owner, Albano Cleaners, Norfolk, VA – 10 units

I love the control between our POS time clock system and the Wesvic system, it shows us immediately who is wasting time. For instance slow to get back from break or getting started in the morning, too many trips to the bathroom, and/or too much wandering around.

Cynthia Moore, Plant Manager, Albano Cleaners, Norfolk, VA – 10 units

Martinizing – Waukesha, WI

Gives employees real time data to help them achieve their goals.

Steve Raeber, Plant Manager, Martinizing, Waukesha, WI – 10 units

We have been purchasing the units over a period of time and continue to find new areas to measure and reduce cost.
We recently installed the Wesvic’s on our laundry side.  On the morning of the second day we reviewed the numbers from Day 1 with our staff and by the end of Day 2 we saw a 5-10 piece per hour improvement.

Dave Cass, Owner, Martinizing, Waukesha, WI – 10 units

Bear’s Naturally Clean Dry Cleaners

Since installing PieceCounter by WesVic in January 2014 we have seen in increase in production of over 10%.  One of the most valuable features is the instant feedback that my employees get by seeing their performance on the screen.  It is the most efficient way for me to manage labor to an optimal performance level.

John Bear, Owner, Bear’s Naturally Clean Dry Cleaners, Gillette, WY – 4 units

Crazy Cleanerz

I installed 3 PieceCounters at my pant station to see what the PieceCounters could do for me.  My pant department was always the last to go home, now they are the first.

Shaine Burns, Crazy Cleanerz, Memphis, TN – 12 units

Drive Cleaning

I used to think I had my production under control.  The PieceCounter takes that control to a whole other level I never knew was possible.

Mike Bleier, Owner, Drive Cleaning, Chicago, IL – 7 units

Continental Cleaners

Wesvic’s PieceCounters have given me an invaluable tool in managing my production department. My employees now know exactly what is expected of them and how efficient they are working, minute by minute. It has allowed me to reward my hardest workers and replace the “slackers.” Since I have already saved money in labor, I will save money on my workers compensation premium, payroll taxes and utilities. Hiring a new employee will be so simple when it comes to training because the monitor will tell them exactly how they are performing. I will be able to set goals for them as they gain experience and reward them along the way. I love my PieceCounters and so does my staff!

Sara Van Wagner CPD, Owner, Continental Cleaners, San Marcos, CA – 3 units